Fowler Volunteer Fire Department

How you can help?

The Fowler Volunteer Fire Department is constantly looking for new members to assist in our programs.  There is a multitude of activities that do not include emergency service, such as fundraising, lobbying for levies, prevention and education programs, station maintenance along with the rehab and canteen support services to those doing emergency services.  Following the national trend of a significant decrease in volunteerism and an increase time commitment to be in emergency services, the department is always welcome to new applicants to the firefighting and emergency medical services fields.   Also, the Fowler Volunteer Fire Department maintains a corps of part time firefighter/EMT's to provide continuity of service during the daylight hours when most of the volunteers are unavailable at their respective jobs.  From time to time there are vaccancies in this corps that the department fills from resumes on file.

Volunteer Opportunities

To become a volunteer member of the fire department please submit the following form and someone will follow up with you.



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Person to notify in case of accident or emergency:
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Part Time Employment Opportunities

Submit resumes to:

Fowler Volunteer Fire Department

Part Time Employment

PO Box 21

Fowler, Ohio   44418 

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